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Qualified Professionals We at Eye Appealing Coins work to build not only quality private collections but also with a large number of clients who utilize the Registry set features of both PCGS and NGC. In addition to the great sense of competition, community, and comparison these programs bring to the hobby, it greatly aides collectors when considering a new addition or upgrade. Often times at shows clients are able to compare a potential purchase to what they currently have listed in the set to make the best informed decision.

Want List Service Want list services are a great way for collectors to find what they are looking for. We at Eye Appealing Coins take a different approach to our want list program. While on the road or in the office we buy what we like and meets our standards THEN consult our want list. This is a very important difference that sets us apart from other dealers. Much like our auction representation policy, if a coin does not meet our standards, we believe it should not meet yours. We will never offer a coin for sale because it merely fills a hole in a collection.

Auction Representation Auction representation is one of the most valuable services we at Eye Appealing Coins provide. The fact of the matter is most collectors buy out of auction from the comfort of their home or office. While the convenience is undeniable and numismatic photography has made massive improvements in the last few years, nothing beats viewing auction lots in person. Often the images over emphasizes the positive attributes of a coin while concealing potential issues.