Terms of Sale

What if I get the coin and do not like it and want to return it?

We offer a “no question” full refund (less any credit card or Paypal fees) return policy of 7 days from receipt for every coin we sell providing that we are notified within this time period of your intention to return the coin. All coins must be in their original holders as shipped to qualify for refund.

Does toning increase or decrease the value of a coin?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. Most times you will find that very darkly toned coins are less in demand. Coins with outstanding brilliant color have and always will command a higher value in the market providing you are a lover of originally toned coins.

How can I tell if a coin has been artificially toned?

Sometimes this is quite difficult. If the toning floats on the surface of the coin as opposed to having depth and being bonded to the metal or patterns are identical or nearly so on both sides can be a clue to a possible artificially toned coin. Also coins that are too intense in color or not certified in one of the “top tier” certification holders should require a closer examination. The best method for self protection is to know the individual you are purchasing from.

Is there an accurate pricing guide for toned coins?

No, because all pricing guides only provide information for properly graded coins and do not take into consideration “eye appeal” or color in their prices. Outstandingly toned coins have always cost more. Coins that are “average” and properly graded can be more accurately valued by conventional pricing guides. Each toned coin will stand on its own when it is being sold or purchased. Auction records can be a source of information and may assist in determining the premium outstandingly toned coins command in the numismatic marketplace.

If I have coins for sale or trade can I contact you?

We are always interested in purchasing coins so, yes, please contact us anytime.

What are your payment options?

We offer a number of ways for you to pay for your purchases. You have the option of using Paypal or sending us a check or money order. All checks will need to clear before the coins are shipped. Coins will be shipped immediately if you use Paypal or we receive a money order. If we are away at a show the coins will be shipped upon our return under the Paypal or money order option.

Why do you think that “Eye Appealing Coins” are a good investment?

As we mentioned above, coins with “eye appeal” will always result in a higher price either at auctions or in person to person transactions than those of “average” appearance. These types of coins are not everywhere and are actively sought out by those collectors and investors that realize their potential. Many outstandingly toned coins are almost one of a kind pieces of numismatic art, and truly unique unto themselves.

Are your photographs an accurate representation of the coins being offered for sale?

Yes! Accurate coin photography is difficult to master and we have been doing it for a number of years. Our techniques have been designed to capture the true look and one of a kind beauty of each coin.

Do you have any sort of lay away plan?

We are willing to develop a customized plan to fit your budget anytime. All you have to do is just give us a call so we can discuss with you your particular needs.
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